The best aluminium ladder is just a click away
Did you just shift to your new home recently? From cleaning up the cobweb on the ceiling, fixing the bulb in the bedroom to storing things on the higher shelf in a tall cabinet or changing the curtains, a ladder is needed to do some basic chores at home. Imagine not having a ladder at home; reaching those unreached zones would be such a daunting task. Check out Bathladirect to find an ideal ladder to suit your needs.

Many people would have a basic step ladder or an extension kind of ladder at home to get the basic jobs done, where a little bit of added height would help.

A ladder is made of:

  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminium

How to decide which ladder is the best for you especially when you have so much in variety not just in the make, but also in design and style? Relax, go for the one that meets all your requirement of usage and one that goes well with the surrounding environment.

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Bathladirect gives you the option of shopping conveniently from the comfort of your home. Bathla has an array of ladders like Baby ladders, Step ladders and Excalibur delux ladders. You will find many options of lightweight durable aluminium ladders that will meet your diverse needs.

Browse through the various types of ladders offered by Bathladirect:

Step ladders are compact, convenient and are without handrails. Made of aluminium, these can become a very useful accessory. The make is excellent, made with non-skid rubber skids and anti-skid PVC shoes. You can choose from a range of step ladders beginning with the 2 step, 3 step, 4 step ladder or the 5 step ladder. The 2 step ladder is available online at Rs. 2,070. The 3 step ladder at Rs. Rs. 3,150, the 4 step ladder can be bought at Rs. 4,050 and the 5 step ladder is available at a price of Rs. 5,130.

Baby ladders are large platform ladders with handrails. It is best for family day to day use. A 3 feet baby ladder is available online for Rs. 3,825. A 3 feet baby ladder with Pail tray is available online for Rs. 4,680. The 4 feet baby ladder comes with a holder tray and is available for Rs. 5220. The 5 feet baby ladder is available for Rs. 6,660.