The quickest thing to do is to visit a mall and pick up an ironing board at a price that fits your budget. But that may not necessarily meet your needs and might just prove to be a disaster. With space being a major constraint these days, a great idea is to get the board mounted in a cabinet, closet or the wall. Choose an iron table that meets all your ironing needs, as well as can be well adjusted and fit within the comfort of your home. 

Certain handy points to remember while buying a ironing table are:

  • Always opt for an adjustable height board if the ironing task will be done by different  individuals, so that it can be lowered and raised as needed,
  • Go for a strong, sturdy and lightweight board. A cheap frame breaks with more weight or movement,
  • Also look for a board that has vent holes that allow the passage of steam,
  • An iron rest provides a convenient and safe place to keep the hot iron to rest,
  • The padding on the board should be thicker. Some boards come with thicker padding, whereas for few others it needs to be purchased,
  • An iron board comes in a variety of fabrics. An ironing board with coated with non-stick or reflective surfaces are available these days.  Non-stick surface to avoid the clothes from sticking and reflective surface to avoid the transfer of heat.


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Bathladirect provides beautiful looking and useful ironing tables that makes ironing clothes an easier affair.

The Iron Board-Xpress is an energy efficient ironing table that comes with height adjustment mechanism and a multi-purpose tray. The tray helps to stack up the ironed clothes neatly and saves it from creasing. The wires are made in such a way that it doesn’t get entangled. Buy the X-Press Iron Board from Bathladirect at a special price of Rs. 3,870.

The Bathla Iron Board X-Press Lite is quite easy to be installed and is also easy in terms of storage. It has a funky looking iron board that can be adjusted in terms of its height, from 6 inches to about 3.5 feet. This Bathla Iron Board is quite efficient and ideal for everyday use. Get it online at Rs. 2,880.

The Bathla Iron Board Klassique is another weather proof table that helps in ironing clothes with a touch of perfection. The ironing space is quite large about 48x15 inches. It has a colourful fabric and helps lessen energy and effort. The height of the table can be adjusted as per your requirement and it comes with a metallic mesh top. It absorbs and reflects heat and partially irons the back of the cloth and thus ends up saving nearly 40% of time and also electricity. The Bathla Iron Board Klassique is eco-friendly, easy-to-use and also saves energy, making it an ideal utility item at home. You can buy it online aat a special price of Rs. 2,385.